Who We Are

With 13 years of expertise under our belt and a team of over 100 employees, as well as our own and other top quality private label household essentials, Cleopatra has come a long way.

What began with us producing various tissue products and importing baby diapers for the first six years of our operations has expanded to Cleopatra producing our own baby diapers as well as a host of our own, as well as other top quality private label household essentials.

We stand for proudly South African developed, made and sold products for the South African and international market. Our FMCG knowledge as well as strong relations with major retailers has kept Cleopatra products in the homes and hearts of consumers across the nation.

As an integral part of the Osco Group (backed by over 40 years of experience), Cleopatra embodies the same sound principles and moral values that govern our business endeavors. We pride ourselves on our ethical operations and deal fairly, respectfully and professionally with consumers, customers, suppliers, employees, environment and the broader community in which we operate.

We aim to continue providing trusted disposable hygiene products to meet the needs of our customers and their consumers by creating brands that stand for value and unsurpassed quality.