Cleopatra offers a variety of disposable sanitary products to South African and African markets. Over the years Cleopatra has built strong home-brand partnerships with the country’s leading modern trade retailers. Products include diapers, pull ups, wipes and sanitary pads. For Private Label business, several innovative solutions are offered within the products allowing Cleopatra to deliver custom products with tailored mixes for the market you choose to launch in.


At Cleopatra, we offer a wide variety of nappy types and many innovative features and solutions. Nappies are developed using raw materials which have been sourced via the Cleopatra Procurement Centre. Thereafter, raw materials go through a rigorous testing ensuring quality is always of the highest standards prior to production. Testing takes place before production on raw materials and after production on finished goods. We have a variety of options such as wetness indicators, fragrance, skin protection, layers, backsheets, elastics and fastening systems.


Cleopatra has a variety of size and formulation options for Wet Wipes. We offer pack sizes ranging from 10s to 120s in various formats and fragrances. We offer a variety of wipe materials from basic tissue crepe to soft non-woven fabrics. We can also manufacture using 100% cotton wipes, as well as abrasive non-woven materials. We can offer you the best expert advice on fabrics, liquids and laminates to suit your requirement. All our wipes production is completed with strict technical tests, transit tests and capability testing.


Sanitary Pads are an essential hygiene product for all women. With a variety of types, shapes and sizes of pads being suitable for different women, Cleopatra has ensured that production of Sanitary Pads covers a broad spectrum of product options. This will ensure that the product you seek can be developed at the highest level of quality. These multi-sheet products require a rigorous testing program on each layer of the pad, which serves different purposes. Our testing during manufacturing and on finished goods ensure that high quality and safety standards are achieved.


Our Dry Naps range offers you and your baby a nappy for every stage of life. All Dry Naps disposable diapers are made with exceptional materials and undergo strict testing to assure uncompromising quality for you and your baby.

Our expertly patented elastic side bands prevent leakage, allowing your baby to move with ease, without the worry of leaks. Our unique moisture control complex offers you peace of mind and twice the absorbency to minimise nappy changes.

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It’s time to rediscover your independence with SAGE adult pull up diapers. Say goodbye to discomfort and embarrassment and say hello to a renewed sense of freedom. With it’s soft and breathable, skin friendly material, SAGE off­ers a secure fit that conforms to your body’s natural movements.

Our state-of-the-art moisture absorption technology ensures that you stay protected and confident, no matter what the day brings.

Embrace your independence with SAGE premium adult pull up diapers.