Nappies, Sanitary Pads and other personal care products are essential items that fulfill continuous and unavoidable needs. Parents with underprivileged circumstances face these issues daily. Parents need a large supply of nappies for the early years of their babies and toddlers growing up. Young women in school who are unable to access sanitary pads are hugely impacted and unable to attend school due to this issue.

Cleopatra is grateful to be able to give back to our communities by supplying these requirements to the most vulnerable and needy. We have a full year program which touches several communities across the country. By supplying products to underprivileged communities, we are able to ensure girls keep going to school, mothers know their children’s needs are looked after, and adults are able to remain comfortable.

In the last 2 years, Cleopatra has distributed 500 000 nappies to communities across South Africa.

Creating jobs that lead to sustainability

Our aim is to provide our local people with jobs, help them with training in order to up-skill themselves and are always implementing internal processes to ensure that the correct training is provided

We Care

We continue to contribute to organisations that are doing exceptional work by helping those who are unable to care for themselves.

Making a positive contribution to uplifting society

We are committed to managing our social responsibility and there is no better feeling than giving back to the South African community. The aim is to make a meaningful difference and one that can sustain itself into the future, so that all those who have benefited will hopefully one day turn around and do the same to others in need.